Sunday School & Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)

St. Matthews' Sunday School happens every Sunday during church services. We all meet together on the 2nd floor of Tucker Hall and offer prayers and thanksgivings prior to starting our lessons. These prayers and thanksgivings range anywhere from sick friends, family, toys, exams, or for each other. They name it, we pray for it. The children also take turns lighting our candle as well as blowing it out which is a big deal.

We also acknowledge birthdays for the upcoming week and say the birthday prayer. We then disperse into age-appropriate groups for our Sunday School Lesson.

We have two age groups - Pre-K through 5th grade taught by Mrs. Becky Becnel and Ms. Courtney Rulf, and 6th grade and up taught by Mrs. Courtney Rulf and Mr. Hunter Rulf.

The younger groups enjoy a children's bible story along with a craft or activity related to the story while the older class focuses more on the story itself. We all join the congregation in church before Communion.

The Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) is for our youth in 6th grade through 12th grade. It is lead by Ms. Courtney and Mrs. Becky. It is a place where our youth can join in for fellowship in a Christian environment. We meet on the last Sunday of every month after church until 1pm where we enjoy pizza, fellowship, and prayer.

Our EYC members participate in outreach such as School Supply and Thanksgiving Food Drives and our homeless project. We also plan and hold fundraising events to help raise money for our annual summer mission trip.

The children decide where we go every summer to put their faith into action by helping others in need. These mission trips are very rewarding to our youth and they look forward to them every year. Planning also consists of fun events such as bowling, movie nights, campfires, and ice skating.

EYC gives our youth the opportunity to be in a place where they feel accepted and discover what it means to be a Christian among others who all have the same desire.

Courtney Rulf
SMEC Youth Christian Formation